Films & Study Resources
Host a screening of a thought-provoking film, such as:

  • "An Act of Love" - This film tells the story of Rev. Frank Schaefer, who had his ministerial credentials revoked in December 2013 after officiating his son’s same-sex wedding. Rev. Schaefer later had his ministerial credentials reinstated, and "An Act of Love" tells the story of an unwitting advocate in the fight for equal rights within the Church.
  • Incompatible With Christian Teaching
  • Bullied
  • From the Human Rights Campaign: "For The Bible Tells Me So: A Study Guide and Advocacy Training Curriculum" by Rev. Chris Glaser. Created to accompany the film For the Bible Tells Me So, this user- friendly guide will enable anyone to facilitate a moving conversation about the Bible, the church and LGBT people. It will empower you and participants to take these conversations to the next level and help create communities that move beyond acceptance to advocacy. The film can also be ordered through HRC.